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High Speed Internet Cable

Packages and Features


Cablenet Lite -  up to 1Mb download


Cablenet Standard  - up to 5 Mb download


Cablenet Turbo - up to 10 Mb download


Internet Modem




*Pre-authorized payment rate




Installation of Cable Modem  - One Time Fees


Installation for Cable TV Subscribers


Installation for Non-Cable Subscribers




Packages and Features


Tier 1: 6 GB downoad 2 GB upload per month  (Pre-authorized Payment Rate)


Tier 1: 6 GB downoad 2 GB upload per month


Tier 2: 15 GB download 3 GB upload


Tier 3: 30 GB download 3 GB upload


Wireless Bridge and Power Supply


Installation of  Wireless Equipment  - One Time Fee - Money Back Guarantee*


Standard Residential Installation


*First month plus installation will be returned if you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days of installation

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Additional Information

Please Note: Standard Installation include labour, travel, wire, antenna, power over ethernet converter setup, as well as miscellaneous parts.

If any extraordinary labour or parts are required to complete the installation, we will inform you of estimated costs before proceeding.


All hardware not purchased by the customer remains the property of Raftview Communications Ltd. Antenna with mount and antenna is the property of Raftview Communications Ltd. Failure to return these items on termination of service will result in a charge of $ 350.00.


Prices do not include applicable taxes.